Point Loma Past, Monday Aug 15, 2011

Point Loma: Retrospective on History and Meaning for Today

What exactly is the unique contribution of the Point Loma Tradition to fellow-Theosophists in other organizations, to the Theosophical Movement, and to the world in general.


Prof. Dwayne Little Ph.D.
Historical Retrospective: Point Loma 1898-1942

Ken Small
Point Loma: Symbol and Transformation in the Mystery School

Johanna Vermeulen
Katherine Tingley’s and Gottfried de Purucker’s special task in the Lodge of Compassion

April Hejka-Ekins
Engaged Ethics (Workshop) – Part 1

April Hejka-Ekins
Engaged Ethics (Workshop) – Part 2

Jerry Hejka-Ekins
Alexandria West: Curriculum for Mythology, Symbolism and the ‘Secret Doctrine’

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